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Blur Set Date For New Album

Stop what you are doing and look up. Seriously, do it. Are those pigs you see flying? Yeah, I see them too. What does this have to do with anything? Well my pretties, Blur has officially set a date to pen another album. Remember who loves ya!

We've all been keeping tabs on the drama, but it looks like things might be shaping up for 2007. Alex James announced in a BBC6 broadcast today, along with David Rowntree, "a date has been set for next year." He went on to comment on the revived Blur sound saying, "There's no master sound for how a bands or albums will sound, it's not like Harry Potter, we didn't have the concept first and then go and write the books!"

So does this mean that Graham will join in on the fun? Or is the hard sell beg going on for him as we speak? One things for sure - you know that we will let you know first.

Blur Set Date For New Album