UPDATE - Henry Rollins To Remain On Indie 103.1

UPDATE: We just received word that Henry Rollins has NOT quit his radio show on Indie 103.1 in Los Angeles. So, Harmony In My Head lives on. I guess Rollins won't have to turn in his keycard after all. Did he make peace with the powers that be at Indie? We're not sure about the specifics, but we are very happy to hear that his show lives on. For more on his great program, click here to visit the show's official website.


As alternative radio continues to flounder, one of the few stations that seemed to be doing it right was Indie 103.1 in Los Angeles. Well, that was the case until now. In a recent posting on Jonesy's Jukebox blog, it seems that there is some scheduling changes on the way, and Henry Rollins is having none of it. His show, Harmony In My Head, is no more. Here it is straight from Henry Rollins:

This just in. I got a letter written to my manager from the guy who runs the radio station I do my show at. They are now moving things around and basically offered me to be on in the middle of nowhere on the station so I quit immediately. This is less than an hour old and I am putting in his letter and my reply back to him:

. . . And I'm going to be moving all the Monday thru Thursday Specialty programming to the weekends. That means Henry's show will be moved to a different time slot. I was thinking that since we're already doing a rebroadcast on Friday morning at 2am maybe just run the show at Midnight Thursday and not do the rebroadcast. I'm sure Henry won't want to come in to do the show at Midnight. So we could tape the show if you want. I really want Henry to continue to be part of Indie. . . . .

My reply:

Hi. I got your letter via management and have written him but wanted to write you directly. I completely understand moving time slots around. It's your station to do that with and you know best. I more than appreciate the opportunity you have given me to let me do my thing on your station.

I quit.

That is to say, the show I did yesterday was my last one. I will turn in my keycard as soon as possible. Thanks again and best of luck to you and Indie 103.1.

Henry Rollins

Fair enough. It's his station. I do think we had a good run of shows and there's no way they had anything like our show on that station but he's the boss and they never once told me to cool it or to play or not play anything so there's nothing to say about it but damn, I sure will miss doing that show.

If there is one thing everybody should know by now, it is to never, ever fuck with Henry Rollins. So what does this mean for Indie? It seems that one of the last remaining innovative broadcast outlets for indie rock just took a step in the wrong direction.

UPDATE - Henry Rollins To Remain On Indie 103.1