Tripwire - In Case You Missed It (The Relaunch Edition)

-In case you missed it, we relaunched. You love it. Tell us what you think.

-He went from this to this.

-New reviews for Red Monroe, Sunken Treasure, Working For A Nuclear City and Humanzi.

-Live show reviews for 120 Days, CMJ, Sideshow, Stuart Staples and Alana Amram.

-So I guess it's not as evil as we thought.

-Win tickets for Amy Milan and BANG!.

-Please help.


-We featured The Kooks.

-New info for The Knife, Oasis, Rob Dickinson, Besnard Lakes, The Pixies, Graham Coxon and Robbers On High Street.

-Look at what else he invented.

-He can do scary.

-Check out new tunes from Pink Grease.

-Quitting is so last year.

-Get noticed with PLUG.

-Updated tour information from Joseph Arthur, Damien Rice, APB, and Favourite Sons.

-Blog charts are the best charts.

-Your voice was heard.

-New videos for The Rapture, Archie Bronson Outfit, Christians And Lions and The Changes.

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-Get listed.

Tripwire - In Case You Missed It (The Relaunch Edition)