Don't Make Me Wait

Here's an early tip. Locksley. Formed in Madison, Wisconsin, the band has semi-recently relocated to New York City to find fame and fortune. Melding classic British Invasion rock & roll with a modern day garage aesthetic, the band's sophomore album, Don't Make Me Wait, should have no trouble attracting a suitable label for this young quartet. You might say that, at times, they sound like a less annoying version of JET. Actually, you can definitely say that. These songs pop with a familiarity that will have you clapping and singing along from your first listen, but they won't make you want to vomit or stick hot pokers into your ears (which can sometimes happen when listening to those Australian dirt balls). The music of Locksley is happy, poppy, energetic and impossible not to like.

Don't Make Me Wait won't be available until January of '07 (hey, I said it was an early tip), but you can download FOUR full tracks below right now. Let's get these guys a record deal, shall we?

"Don't Make Me Wait" MP3
"She Does" MP3
"All Of The Time" MP3
"Into The Sun" MP3


Don't Make Me Wait