Live - Bang! @ Bicentennial Park | MIAMI

Last week, we gave away TWO VIP passes to Miami's BANG! Music Festival. Part of the rules for entry in the contest was that the winner would act as the Tripwire's eyes and ears @ Bang! and give us all a run-down of the excitement. Well below, you'll find just that. Our Bang! winners, Raquel Gorny and Francisco Martinez, have re-capped their experience for us. Dig in.


The BANG! Music Festival was a huge success, as what appeared to be several thousands of people attended the highly anticipated event in Miami's Bicentennial Park. The park provided five stages for the musically diverse acts that took place that day. There was no limit to the variety of musical geniuses that filled the line up, with everything from the dance music that is popular within the south Florida club scene all the way to reggae, which fit perfectly with the park setting of the event.

The Parisian DJs of Daft Punk, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, probably put on the most visually fascinating performance, far superior to that of the usual dance music DJ's who dwell in the south Florida's club scene, complete with a huge pyramid of neon lights that served as a DJ booth. The rumors of this being their last performance made for a packed crowd who danced away to the sounds and the light show of this DJ duo who were disguised in crazy space outfits. To those dance music enthusiast this might have been the most anticipated and gratifying experience to hit the festival, as some fans called the performance "truly religious."

Other Dance acts that brought a huge crowd to one of the five Stages was DJ Tiesto. The Dutch DJ provoked crowds that surpassed those of Gnarls Barkley, who performed at the same time in another stage. This gives you an idea about what musical genre is most important in Miami.

The singer/rapper Cee-Lo and DJ/producer Danger Mouse of Gnarls Barkley produced a spectacle as the duo filled the stage with more than a dozen people, including a violinist, back up singers, guitarist, and a pianist all dressed in Austin Powers character get ups. The act was more than an hour late getting on stage due to technical difficulties and the crowd was getting restless, but nevertheless Gnarls won them back swiftly as the highly anticipated pair opened with the Austin Powers theme song. They performed all the songs that have earned them worldwide fame, as well as some lesser known offerings from their 2006 album St. Elsewhere.

Duran Duran opened with a real crowd pleaser - their long time great hit, "Hungry Like The Wolf." Their old age definitely showed in their act and stage presence. Nevertheless, die hard Duran Duran fans were not let down, as this iconic '80s band finished off the night for BANG!, especially one Jacksonville woman who brought her teenage daughter and waited 11 hours that day to be in the very front of the stage just to experience Duran Duran up close and personal. This was the first time she had the opportunity to see a concert for them. This mother along with her daughter went back home to Jacksonville satisfied, as BANG! proved to be a memorable event attendees of all ages and musical tastes could enjoy.

The Festival had something for everyone - the mix of genres did nothing to affect the peaceful atmosphere and mood of the crowd, giving this Miami Festival a vibe unlike any other of its kind. Each crowd had something going for them, the elite of South Beach club goers who can't live without the Redbull, VIP and bottle service had their very own VIP area. There were also those who enjoyed an experience similar to the likes of Miami's Winter Music Conference with their glow sticks and dance moves, as well as simple music aficionados who preferred to lay down a blanket in the park and relax to the music.

by Raquel Gorny and Francisco Martinez

Live - Bang! @ Bicentennial Park | MIAMI