Mazarin Vs. Mazarin

Just knowing that there are two bands out there called Mazarin is impressive in itself. The one most of us know and love is the project led by Philadelphia's Quentin Stoltzfus. He has been performing under the Mazarin name since 1999, so you'd think by now if there happened to be another Mazarin out there, they would have already spoken up. I guess not.

In a sad legal development, indie rock Mazarin has been forced to change their name thanks to another Mazarin, who has supposedly been rocking out since the '70s. Have you heard of the old school Mazarin? I didn't think so.

Due to this development, Stoltzfus has made the depressing decision to break up the band, although he will continue to make music under a different name. As a farewell gift, fans can download a new song, "Your Advice," which is available for free on the soon to be defunct Mazarin MySpace page.

The band's final show will take place on December 2nd at Johnny Brenda's in Philly. We'll miss you Mazarin!

Mazarin Vs. Mazarin