Go See The Silent Years Tonight In Chicago

One of my favorite bands from SXSW this year, Detroit's The Silent Years, were a last minute addition to tonight's lineup at Subterranean. Granted, there are a TON of shows going on in Chicago tonight - The Little Ones @ Schuba' and Tahiti 80 @ the Double Door (to name a couple) - but The Silent Years go on 8:00 sharp, so you can pop in to see them, then head out to finish off your night with another great show.

In fact, I feel SO strongly that The Silent Years are worth your time and effort that I'll give the first two people who email me with "THE SILENT YEARS" in the SUBJECT a pair of tickets to the show tonight. Cool? "Who are these Silent Years Guys?," you ask. Well watch, listen and learn below.

"Someone To Keep Us Warm" Video:

"Someday" MP3
"No Secrets" MP3

The Silent Years

Go See The Silent Years Tonight In Chicago