I'm From Barcelona Ink Deal With Mute

Mute North America has inked a deal with 29-piece Swedish indie pop outfit I'm From Barcelona. The uber happy pop songs churned out by this band have been the toast of the Blogosphere for a few months now and well... kudos to Mute for giving them a home in North America. Jose Gonzalez, The Knife, and now I'm From Barcelona? Someone's got their shit together over there at Mute headquarters, don't they?

Anyway, here's the details. The album, Let Me Introduce My Friends, is scheduled for release on March 20, 2007 and it will be preceded by the single, "We're From Barcelona." Check out the track listing below.

"Collection Of Stamps"
"We're From Barcelona"
"Ola Kala"
"Chicken Pox"
"Rec & Play"
"This Boy" (featuring Loney, Dear)
"Barcelona Loves You"
"The Saddest Lullaby" (featuring Mathias Alrikson)

"We're From Barcelona" Video

I'm From Barcelona

I'm From Barcelona Ink Deal With Mute