The Cloud Room's Gear And New Tunes Lost In Fire

It has been a little while since we have heard from our NYC buddies The Cloud Room. The band had been working on their sophomore album, but has just suffered a pretty severe setback. Last night frontman J came home to his Williamsburg apartment, only to find that his belongings had been destroyed by a fire.

The band was working on their new tunes in J’s apartment, so all of their gear was destroyed, along with the Mac computer that contained the recordings. Amps, guitars, new tracks, plus all of J’s personal items and clothes went up in smoke. Oh yeah, and yesterday just happened to be his birthday.

J is pretty much just left with a toothbrush and a cell phone, so if you were thinking of donating some clothes to clear some space out of your closet, consider setting a few shirts aside for him as well. If you’d like to extend a hand and help get J back on his feet, click here for several ways to get in touch. For our friends in NYC, if you happen to see him out and about, buy the poor guy a drink.

POSTED November 17, 2006 10:01AM IN THE TRIPWIRE




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