Video - Pete Yorn "For Us"

I've always had a little soft spot in my heart for Pete Yorn. Not in that "he sets my loins ablaze with his raw masculine good looks and sensitive lyrics" kind of way, but more so in that "I really really loved his debut album and so even though I don't like his new stuff as much, I'll still support him" kind of way. I played the SHIT out of Musicforthemorningafter and say what you will, but that record is packed to the brim with fantastic songs.

Sure, Yorn might skew a little more Adult Contemporary than our typical indie rock/new music posts, but hey, he's got a new video, Dave Grohl plays drums on the song (even though he's not actually in the video) and so I figured I'd give you a look at it. His new album, Nightcrawler, is out now, but if you don't have Musicforthemorningafter, then go scoop that puppy up ASAP.

"For Us" Video

"For Us" Video (high quality)
Pete Yorn

Video - Pete Yorn "For Us"