Live - Hot Chip @ Mezzanine | SF

An open letter to the boys in Hot Chip:

Why do you rule so hard? No, really. First, you pull me in with your neon tube show, set up smartly behind you in an intricate backdrop - bright fluorescent lights in blue, red, green, PVC'ed behind you in bars and columns that pulse to the current beat you produce. The colors warm my heart and make me feel like I'm at an amusement park on my favorite rollercoaster with cotton candy in my hand, and I can't help but smile. There is so much neon on stage I almost forget I'm at a concert.

Then there are the members in your band: we have the regular guys in T-shirts and jeans, sneaks and messy hair, which is all fine. Then we have your drummer who looks about 60 and is pounding the hell out of his kit, his gray (I swear to God) chin-length hair bouncing furiously as his hands blur across his set-up. And then we also have co-lead singer Joe Goddard adorned in Bill Nye-style lizard green glasses, tapping away on the synth-y percussion like it's nobody business and nobody's watching.

Then - the songs begin. I can't remember a time within recent months when my legs were sore from dancing so hard. Of course everyone dancing to "Over & Over" was to be expected - people breaking out into frantic fits of fist pumping and head thrashing and hip thrusting and general ass-shaking to non-singles wasn't. It was not only astounding but wonderful to see how well-received you were at the Mezzanine. Your audience had been waiting to see you for a while. You tore through "(Just Like) We Breakdown," and "No Fit State," and then "The Beach Party," off Coming On Strong which includes the lines, "Hot love on a platter/let me be your dancer."

The following then happened: (1) the whole front part of the crowd went ballistic and gyrated with each other; (b) I witnessed your intense breakdancing session on stage as well as you extending the song into discopunk and electronic trip realms. Phew. Needless to say, you put on a good show.

One piece of advice: could you not make each one of your live tracks
11 minutes long? I actually clocked just tires us out faster is all.



By Jenn Hernandez

Live - Hot Chip @ Mezzanine | SF