The Charlatans To Begin Work On Next Album

Whenever a band releases their best-of album or singles compilation, rumors begin to pop up pointing towards the end of the group. The Charlatan's Tim Burgess has been facing this lately with the recent arrival of the band's latest singles album, Forever: The Singles. The compilation marks the band's fifteen-year anniversary, which is mighty impressive in itself.

Burgess recently sat down with XFM to chat about the band's history as well as their future. About the past, he commented that his favorite era of The Charlatans was around the time of Tellin' Stories, but was also a low point with the death of keyboardist Rob Collins. He added: "But I'm really proud of how together we were back then at the start, and how concentrated we were and how much of our sound we already had. And that really makes me proud."

As for the band's future, he said: "I'm going to come back with another Charlatans record. I keep getting asked to do a solo record and I think I'm going to starve people of it. Wait until they're really, really going for it, but I will do another solo record yes."

Burgess discussed the sound of the next album, saying: "I have been thinking about how its gonna sound it but i'm quite happy to just let the idea come, but we've got one song that everyone is really happy. It does sound like The Charlatans."

To read the interview in its entirety, click over to XFM.

The Charlatans To Begin Work On Next Album