Video - Ben Folds Pranks NYC Audience Twice

The crew from Improv Everywhere recently teamed up with Ben Folds to pull off a series of pranks at his NYC performances. The first took place at the Hammerstein Ballroom, where the improv group impersonated Ben Folds and his band for a very Ashley Simpson lip-synching gone wrong moment. When the CD begins to skip, security guards arrive to pull the fake Folds off stage, where the real Folds takes his glasses back and "punches" the imposter in the stomach.

The second prank was at NYC's Beacon Theatre, involving the infamous brown note. Ah yes, some good ol' potty humor. Supposedly Folds was fucking around with the 10Hz frequency throughout his tour, warning his audience that they would play the note that is said to be so intense it causes people to crap themselves. This is nothing more than an urban legend that normally causes no harm, except for this particular night with Improv Everywhere.

Thanks to the miracle of YouTube, we can experience the magic via the video clips below.

Fake Ben Folds

Brown Note Gone Wrong

Video - Ben Folds Pranks NYC Audience Twice