Download - The Explorers Club "Forever" & "Don't Forget The Sun"

Do you like the Beach Boys? The Explorers Club sure do. And that's not some half-assed, lazy music critic comparison, either. The six kids who make up The Explores Club hail from Charleston, SC, and, well... they have golden pipes that allow them to harmonize like your favorite surf-tastic music geniuses of yester year.

Is that good or bad? I'll leave the decision up to you. Download "Forever" and "Don't Forget The Sun" below and decide for yourself. But know this... Seth from Rough Trade is managing them and by all accounts there are a ton of labels in the UK beating down their door.

And in case you were wondering, The Explorers Club are still unsigned in the US too. Hit them up on MySpace for more info.

"Forever" MP3
"Don't Forget The Sun" MP3

The Explorers Club

Download - The Explorers Club "Forever" & "Don't Forget The Sun"