After releasing a pair of critically acclaimed albums on Self-Starter and French Kiss Records in 2001 and 2003, respectively, Brooklyn (by way of Chicago) quartet Detachment Kit has given birth to a brand new batch of tunes called simply, +. The 13 track EP (yes, I know normally 13 tracks would be deemed an "album," but they insist it's an EP), is 42 minutes long and packed full of what DK fans have come to know and love over the years - GREAT angular, indie rock in the vein of Les Savy Fav and Wire.

Starting out with the upbeat rocker "Mr. Dash Dash" this self-released EP runs the stylistic gamut. "Finale," which interestingly enough is the second song, has an anxious lead guitar line braided throughout the verses in the vein of Party Of Helicopters, while "18 Years" is driven by a simplistic, groovy bass line and appropriately angst-ridden vocals. "Gang Of Reasons" is heavy and aggressive, with vocals that walk the line between singing, talking and screaming (it's a squiggly line), while slow and steady "High School" takes a rather mature, introspective, reflective look at years past, present and future.

This EP is smart, fun, energetic and sure to win this DIY indie troupe a whole slew of new fans, as well as reinforce their current fans' undying love. Though only an "EP," + is definitely worth scooping up. You can get it via the band's MySpace page and at shows and who knows, maybe a proper will swoop in and give it a full release in 2007. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they did.

"Finale" MP3
"Heavenly Escort" MP3

Detachment Kit