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Could The End Of New Order Be Near?

Is New Order going to throw in the towel for good? Peter Hook says yes. Stephen Morris says no. Who do we believe? C'mon Hooky... I'm sure you have a few more great tunes left in ya! The Hook vs. Morris possible breakup news was brought to our attention from Drowned In Sound, who mentioned that Hook told an Argentinan newspaper their recent show in Buenos Aires could have been the band's last.

On the other hand, Morris seems to have a brighter view of the band's future. He said: "I could say there won't be New Order for a couple of years, but as I said before we're bad at planning things so let's see what happens." So it seems that the legendary Manchester group could be going on hiatus for a while. Whether or not this hiatus is permanent is something we'll just have to wait out and see.

Could The End Of New Order Be Near?