Live - Peaches @ Irving Plaza | NYC

NYC's Irving Plaza was peachy keen and everything but clean during Peaches' show last Friday, November 24. Standing on the venue's second floor, peering between the two heads of the taller-than-thou couple in front of me, I managed to steal an adequate view of the stage and the crowd below eagerly waiting for the electro-pop Queen of Corruption, Merrill Beth Nisker, a.k.a. Peaches, to take the stage with her dirty girl lyrics and sweet tart synth rock.

One thing I can say for certain about the artist: she and her band understand the concept of stage presence. While I didn't think the band's sound operator had Peaches' vocals turned up loud enough, I was able to look past it as I was sucked in by her sexed-out '80s aerobic instructor dance moves and costume changes (She stripped down from a vinyl zip-front leotard to a metallic two a skimpier metallic two piece accessorized by her signature "XXX" cape).

The show began with the group hidden behind a ceiling-hung curtain that was slowly raised as the swing dance drum beats of the new album's title track, "Impeach My Bush," infected the crowd. The self-made icon dominated her microphone atop a center stage platform, surrounded by her two keytar players - Courtney Love's ex-guitarist Radio Sloan and LeTigre's JD Samson - and drummer Samantha Maloney (of bands such as Hole and Motley Crew).

Best part of the show: Naughty Nisker hopped up on the large side-stage speakers, tilted her head back and sang up to one very happy male fan who just happened to be on the other side of the balcony looking directly down at her. Once she resumed her position on the main stage, the performance was accented with kitschy props. Peaches road a bike across the limited stage space and was hauled off by stagehands on a fake gurney in the middle of one of her freak nasty numbers.

For those who aren't familiar with Peaches, no need to fear social rejection from your snobby music buds just yet. There is no better time than now to acquaint yourself with the school teacher-turned-self-produced sexed out potty mouth. If anything, you probably did notice "Fuck The Pain Away" playing during the strip club scene in Sofia Coppola's Lost in Translation. After releasing albums Teaches of Peaches in 2002 and Fatherfucker in 2003, Peaches put out ImPeach My Bush in June 2006. The artist's latest and greatest incorporates another delicious dose of unforgettable lyrics in tracks such as "Tent In Your Pants" (Chorus: "The tent's so big in your pants; gonna bring my friends for a dance..."), the orgy fight song "Two Guys For Every Girl" and fans' finger favorite "Rock The Shocker." Toronto-born Peaches lives and works in Berlin.


by Jamie Lee
photo by Celeste Tabora

Live - Peaches @ Irving Plaza | NYC