Download - The Asteroid #4 "Here We Go"

After writing about The Cobbs' new album the other day, I've been nosing around the Philly music scene a bit more. I then discovered The Asteroid #4, who will be releasing their latest album on Rainbow Quartz next year. With comparisons to early Verve and roots deeply planted in psychedelic rock and British Invasion artists, you can see why they totally got my curiosity.

I listened to two MP3s taken from their forthcoming album, An Amazing Dream, which will be out on January 2, 2007. After enjoying both tracks, I can now understand why they were touring buddies with fellow Philadelphians The Lilys. If there rest of the album sounds as good as "Here We Go" and "Ask Me About Pittsburgh," this should be one hell of a great album.

"Here We Go" MP3
"Ask Me About Pittsburgh" MP3

The Asteroid #4

Download - The Asteroid #4 "Here We Go"