Ready To Rumble? Britpop Legends Go Head To Head

I love how 1995 is repeating its self already. First, we have the return of Jarvis Cocker, Oasis, Kula Shaker, Blur (in parts), etc and now we have them all fighting. Nothing like the good 'ol days, eh?

Let's start with Battle Royale part one: Robbie Williams VS Alan McGee

Many claim that Robbie Williams brought death to Britpop in the late '90s, even though I have always had a soft spot for him. I guess old habits die-hard though because apparently Alan McGee, founder of Creation Records and ex-manager of Oasis, has bitch-slapped Robbie in the face saying that he is "a crime against music." According to BBC6, Alan went on to comment on how he doesn't understand why people still love Robbie, and put him on the same level as Sir Elton John and George Michael. He said, "These people are brilliant, world class musical talents. Robbie's just a showbiz chancer. It's people like him who are destroying British pop culture. He has one per cent of Mick Jagger's talent. He's the post 9/11 feel good factor. He doesn't mean anything. He's utterly vacant."

My two cents: I would rather see Robbie strip down in his skivvies in a concert any day over Elton or George.
Robbie: 1, McGee: 0.

Now for the second match of the night: Noel Gallagher VS Jarvis Cocker, Brett Anderson & Damon Albarn

It seems like Noel is still bitter after losing this battle about ten years ago and according to BB6 has decided to slam Damon Albarn again. Only this time he's dragging others into the mess too when he commented on the attitude of today's artists saying,
"When we came along there was a really unhealthy spirit and it's creeping back in now - irony. Jarvis Cocker, Damon Albarn, Brett Anderson, the supposed well-educated pop stars of the day, are being very ironic about being in the charts. When we came along, 'Rock and Roll Star,' 'Cigarettes and Alchohol,' there was no irony involved in that. It's a time for heroes lads. This is not a time to be theorizing or analyzing pop music down to its nth degree 'till it means nothing, this is about feeling you know what I mean."

My two cents: Yes, rock-n-roll is all about the fun, but the last time I checked I didn't see Noel collaborating with cartoon characters or members of The Clash.
Noel: 0, Britpop icons: 3.

Ready To Rumble? Britpop Legends Go Head To Head