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00:00:02    The Young Offenders Institute "Stitched Up By The Acid Man" (New Black)
00:02:56    Emilie Simon "I Wanna Be Your Dog" (Milan)
00:05:35    Ali Love "Camera On A Pole" (I Love Records)
00:08:37    Child Bite "From The Eighteen Hundreds" (Suburban Sprawl)
00:10:49    break one
00:17:46    Goes Cube "Song 30" (unsigned)
00:20:58    Dirty Faces "Somnambulist's Vacation" (Brah)
00:22:49    The Heart Attacks "Eyes" (Hellcat)
00:25:27    Oxford Collapse "Please Visit Your National Parks" (Sub Pop)
00:29:26    +/- "Steal The Blueprints" (Absolutely Kosher)
00:32:21    ShitDisco "Reactor Party" (Fierce Panda)
00:35:21    The Places "Miners Lie!" (High Plains Sigh)
00:41:10    break two
00:44:50    Bad Astronaut "The F Word" (Fat Wreck Chords)
00:52:17    The Lovely Sparrows "Chemicals Change" (Abandoned Love)
00:54:55    Robert Pollard "Supernatural Car Lover" (Merge)
00:57:40    break three
01:00:19    Suburban Kids With Biblical Names "Seems To Be On My Mind" (Minty Fresh)
01:03:05    David & The Citizens "New Direction" (Friendly Fire)
01:06:22    Pit Er Pat "Solstice" (Thrill Jockey)
01:10:23    Owen "Bad News" (Polyvinyl)
01:16:41    Roger O'Donnell "Treasure" (Great Society/World's Fair)
01:20:15    break four
01:26:32    The Low Frequency In Stereo "Big City Lights" (Gigantic)
01:29:31    Dead Radar "Dogs Of Jesus" (unsigned)
01:35:09    STAR "Liars In Love" (unsigned)
01:37:41    The Cobbs "Climb On Top" (unsigned)
01:41:33    break five
01:43:51    The Heights "Bad News" (Best Before Records)

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