Time Killer - Asteroid's Revenge!

You remember Asteroid, right? It's that early video game where a small triangle (I mean, space ship) flies around the screen blowing up asteroids. Well it's cold outside, the holidays are fast approaching and I KNOW you're looking for new and interesting ways to kill time while you sit at your desk wishing it was the end of December and you were on some exotic beach drinking Corona and applying sun tan lotion to a hot member of the opposite sex. Lucky for you, I came across the perfect thing. It's a game called Asteroid's Revenge.

Here's the premise:

"You are an asteroid that's seen many of your brethren decimated by the evil spaceships in the original Asteroids game. The loss of your roc-fellows has hurt and scarred you deeply. For long, your rocky heart has longed for revenge. So now, you've finally decided to go to the ships and destroy them."

Sounds fun, right? It's definitely more entertaining that solitaire... click the link below to check it out.

Asteroid's Revenge

Time Killer - Asteroid's Revenge!