Download - Fujiya & Miyagi "Ankle Injuries"

Hailing from Brighton, England, Fujiya & Miyagi are a trio that are "doing the unthinkable: they've actually made krautrock fun," at least according to the 'Fork. (Hey, if they say it then it must be true, right?)

According to a press release, the group met while warming the subs bench during Sunday league football and discovered a mutual hero-worship of world heavyweight sumo wrestler Kendo Nagasaki (from Wolverhampton and like the boys from Fujiya & Miyagi, there isn't a Japanese cell in his muscle-bound body), seventies krautrock and early nineties electronica. Sound like a mouthful? It gets better. The guys took their name (Fujiya) from the name of a record player and (Miyagi) from the martial arts dude in the Karate Kid. Additionally, the tenth track on the album is only on the US release, and is named after one of the guy's Grandfathers, who loved tennis shoes.

Their album, Transparent Things will be released in the States on January 23, 2007 via Deaf Dumb & Blind Recordings. If you cant wait until then, download the track below for free, and check out their webpages. Enjoy!

"Ankles Injuries" MP3

Transparent Things:
01. "Ankle Injuries"

02. "Collarbone"

03. "Photocopier"

04. "Conductor 71"

05. "Transparent Things"

06. "Sucker Punch"

07. "In One Ear & Out The Other"

08. "Cassettesingle"

09. "Cylinders"

10. "Reeboks In Heaven (US Exclusive)"
Fujiya & Miyagi

Download - Fujiya & Miyagi "Ankle Injuries"