Nous Non Plus Too Dirty For YouTube

Nous Non Plus' video for "One Night In Paris," from the band's 2005 self-titled album, has been BANNED by YouTube. Why, you ask? Well for sexual content of course. You see, the song is about Paris Hilton (because there weren't enough songs about her already) and well, when you know that, even the song title is pretty suggestive.

While the video doesn't actually have any real nudity, it does feature band member Jean-Luc Retard "sticking it" to other band member Celine Dijon, the latter of which is "dressed up" like Paris Hilton. Oh, and by "dressed up" I mean, she has sun glasses, a blonde wig and a stuffed animal version of her little dog Tinker Bell. And by "sticking it," I mean they're both naked with nothing but a towel covering their "special" places while they dry hump each other.

If you want to see the "too hot for YouTube" video, you can check it out below.

Nous Non Plus "One Night In Paris" Video

Nous Non Plus

Nous Non Plus Too Dirty For YouTube