Ryan Adams Posts Eleven Insane Albums Online

We all got a laugh out of Ryan Adams' totally crazy rap that graced his homepage several weeks ago. In fact, it is still there. He has taken his musical insanity to a whole level, posting eleven "albums" on the Cardinals Radio portion of his site. Under the names DJ Reggie, The Shit and WereWolph, he gives music fans a mostly humorous blast of hip-hop, country, punk and metal. This includes a frightening cover of Shania Twain's "Still The One." What the fuck?

A few of the highlights from The Shit include "Drunk As A Pile Of Fuck," "When Pants Become Toilets" and "Blow Me Through A Whale Hole." Selections from DJ Reggie feature such crazy jams as "Accidentally Hot As Fuck," "Asteroids Suck" and "Blanky Night Time Friend."

During one of his DJ Reggie tunes, he admits that we can thank his insomnia due to getting clean and sober for this recent explosion of crazy tunes. Whether or not there is any truth to his cleaning up remains to be seen, but he does mention this in many of these random songs. Whether he is rapping about Doctor Robot, wishing Justin Timberlake a Merry Christmas or pondering the existence of unicorns, these albums are a great way to waste some time at work.

Ryan Adams - Cardinal Radio

Ryan Adams Posts Eleven Insane Albums Online