Gus Gus Vocalist Goes Solo

Our readers with knowledge of electronica should remember the nine-piece Icelandic group Gus Gus. During their heyday the band gained international success thanks to their ability to make dance music accessible to rock fans, causing them to become a worldwide crossover gem. "You Make Me Feel" and "Believe" are still great tracks, and if you haven't heard them before I'd suggest heading over to iTunes to check them out.

Co-founder and vocalist Daniel Agust left Gus Gus to embark on a solo career. It took him five years to complete his debut album, Swallowed A Star, hitting stores in the US on February 6 on One Little Indian. Some of his new material is currently streaming on MySpace for fans in North America to preview. Agust also has three videos currently posted on his website, including "Someone Who Swallowed A Star," "If You Leave Me Now" and "The Gray."

From these few samples offered online, I am pretty intrigued by his little pop mini-symphonies. Fans of Bjork, Sigur Ros, Aphex Twin and Hybrid should definitely check Daniel Agust's glitchy orchestral music.

Daniel Agust

Gus Gus Vocalist Goes Solo