Start Something EP

MAPS is essentially just one man, James Chapman, a London native with a penchant for writing atmospheric, beautiful art/pop songs. MAPS' three sought-after, self-released 10" UK singles quickly sold out, as each one earned prestigious "Single Of The Week" status at legendary UK indie retailer Rough Trade. Already with a hefty following in his native country, Chapman is setting his sights on North America, and if his Start Something EP is any indication of what this talented up and coming artist is capable of, MAPS will be no stranger to more than a few "Best Of 2007" year end lists. And yes, I'm calling that now, I don't care if I haven't even completed my own "Best Of 2006" list yet!

From start to finish the EP is terrific. It blends swirling, atmospheric elements with familiar melodies you'll find yourself humming for hours at a time. Lead off track "Lost My Soul" is, like the rest of the EP, ethereally beautiful. Layered with synthetic beats, organs, bass and hand claps, it's reminiscent of something off of Grandaddy's Sumday. Each track on the six-song EP is equally as engaging and impressive. "Sparks In The Snow" starts slow and builds into the upbeat pitter pat of the chorus, while "Some Winter Song" is a post break up, "I'm OK now," song with lyrics like, "Hey, these things been happening lately / I've been so happy lately / and it's got nothing to do with you."

Word on the street is that MAPS is near to closing a deal with a "big label" for a full length release in 2007, so it'd definitely be worth your while to scoop up the EP before all your annoying friends try to stake their claim on this talented new artist.

"Lost My Soul" MP3


Start Something EP