Modern Art Makes Tate Rock Out

We always knew that the Tate Museum was cool, but this new exhibition takes the cake. Back in September, the Tate Modern opened up Tate Tracks, experimentation between art and music. Basically, the Tate invited musicians to walk around the museum and find a piece of art that inspired them to write a track. As they say, art inspiring art. Then, every month (for one month only) the Tate will showcase the new track on a pair of headphones located in front of the art that it is inspired by.

Now, I know some of y'all out there are totally bumming because either you don't live in London, and/or you missed some of the original music already. Fear not, if you go to the website below, you can click on a headphone set for each month and listen to the track online while reading about the art. Cool, right?

Peep the schedule:

September 2006 - The Chemical Brothers vs Jacob Epstein

October 2006 - Roll Deep vs Anish Kapoor

November 2006 - Graham Coxon vs Franz Kline
December 2006 - Klaxons vs Donald Judd
January 2007 - The Landscapers vs Andy Warhol
February 2007 - Union of Knives vs Cy Twombly
March 2007 - Estelle vs Martin Parr
April 2007 - The Long Blondes vs Man Ray

Tate Tracks

Modern Art Makes Tate Rock Out