Blur Teases Us With More Reunion Rumors

OK Blur fans, we have another tiny hint that a reunion is still a possibility. Once again, bassist Alex James has mentioned that he thinks it could happen. In an interview on BBC Radio 5 yesterday, he discussed a recent chat with guitarist Graham Coxon that seemed a bit positive.

NME reports that James said: "I saw Graham last week. There may be some news there but I don't want to rush anything." So basically we are still at the "if it is something that could happen I will possibly consider thinking about maybe rejoining the band, depending on my mood that day" stage of this. C'mon guys, just give us one more album with Coxon. Please?

While we wait for the Blur guys to get this all sorted out, at least we have Graham Coxon's latest solo album, Love Travels At Illegal Speeds, which is out in stores now to enjoy. If you haven't checked it out yet, enjoy the video for his single "Standing On My Own Again" posted below.

Graham Coxon - "Standing On My Own Again"

Blur Teases Us With More Reunion Rumors