The Phoenix Foundation Sign To Young American Recordings

MacGyver loving Aussie six-piece The Phoenix Foundation have inked a deal with Young American Recordings for the release of their sophomore album, Horsepower, in the United States. The deal comes following a self-funded trip to NYC, LA and London earlier this year that exposed these down under stars to the movers and shakers in the US and UK and a second, follow-up journey to America during CMJ.

The US version of Horsepower (which contains a US only bonus track and a video) will be released on March 13. "But Matt, what do they sound like?" Good question. You can check out two MP3s below, the first of which is a Tripwire EXCLUSIVE download and will only be up for a limited time.

"Going Fishing" MP3 (exclusive)
"Sister Risk" MP3

The Phoenix Foundation
Young American Recordings

ps: yes, one of the members of the band is a giant rat, and the guy all the way on the left (in the band photo above) fought valiantly at the Battle Of The Hornburg alongside Legolas and Gimli, killing his fair share of Orcs and Uruk-hai.

The Phoenix Foundation Sign To Young American Recordings