Download - Bang Gang "Find What You Get" & "Follow"

Some of you might know Icelandic song maker Bardi Johannsson as one half of indie duo Lady & Bird (alongside chanteuse Keren Ann), although that one was a little obscure even for me. I definitely had to look it up (bless you AllMusic). But like most of you, Bang Gang was my first introduction to the talented Mr. Johannsson.

Bang Gang gives Johannsson a chance to branch out on his own and create his music his way. And thank goodness for that, because the songs I've heard from Bang Gang's forthcoming album are worth getting excited about. They're not the most innovative songs, and they won't change the world or anything, but they'll definitely earn some playing time on your iPod.

The LP is called Something Wrong and it's slated for release early next year via Icelandic indie, From Nowhere Records. Take a sneak peak below. Sneak listen? Eh, you know what I mean...

"Find What You Get" MP3
"Follow" MP3

Bang Gang
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Download - Bang Gang "Find What You Get" & "Follow"