Video - Cornelius "Music"

We are thrilled to see that the Japanese studio wizard and multi-instrumentalist Cornelius is back with a new album. His latest record, Sensuous, is out in Japan but unfortunately has no US release scheduled as of yet. Until a domestic record label wises up and puts this album out, we are stuck with buying the import, rocking out on MySpace and watching the videos online. Enjoy this crazy video for the single "Music."

01. "Sensuous"
02. "Fit Song"
03. "Breezin'"
04. "Toner"
05. "Watarldorl"
06. "Gum"
07. "Scum"
08. "Omstart"
09. "Beep It"
10. "Like A Rolling Stone"
11. "Music"
12. "Sleep Warm"


Video - Cornelius "Music"