British Sea Power Wraps Up Work On New Album

The talented lads of British Sea Power have been hard at work on their third album, with a total of sixteen tracks already completed. The band has been holed up in a Montreal studio, trying to fight off the winter chill by drinking double espressos and single malt whiskeys.

BSP has been recording with Howard Bilerman (formerly of Arcade Fire) and Efrim Menuck (from Godspeed You! Black Emperor) at the Hotel2Tango studio. With three weeks down and one to go, the band hopes to knock out another five songs by the time they leave.

For diehard fans curious about the album's musical direction, guitarist Noble offered up this somewhat confusing description: "I think we said that if you listened to the first album while riding a bike you'd fall off - but you would stay on your saddle with the second one. With the new album you'll fall of your bike and end up with it lodged up your arse." Great! We can't wait to have their new LP crammed firmly up our cracks.

British Sea Power

British Sea Power Wraps Up Work On New Album