I'll Be Lovin You

Although they may be the victims of another rather goofy indie band name, Snakes Say Hisss! are actually quite good. This electro-duo of Sam Skarstad and Jamie Ayers hail from Saratoga Springs, NY, making music that embraces the '80s synth with an indie sensibility. Hipsters will fall head over heels for these fellas, but fortunately their music has enough substance to keep the rest of us entertained as well.

Their debut LP, I'll Be Lovin' You, kicks off with the booty-shaking "Talk." If you took the manic keytar of Shy Child but replaced the live beats with a low-tech drum machine and added in a guitar, you'd have this mighty fun track. Skarstad and Ayers definitely don't lack much in the confidence department with songs such as "We Are Hot." Looking past the cheestastic name, the swells of synths and simplistic beat will totally appeal to fans of Postal Service and perhaps even Human League.

Although the album isn't without a few stumbles, they redeem themselves with songs such as "I Control The Wind." The track opens with keys and drum machine, eventually adding guitars and vocals making for something like a stripped down Hot Chip, but with a totally catchy, retro chorus.

The album's sound doesn't differ much, but with such limited instrumentation they don't have many other directions to try. That isn't a bad thing at all, as sometimes you just want a fun, danceable synth-pop record. That is exactly what you get from Snakes Say Hisss! Try not to lump these kids in with the eight billion other silly-named hipster bands. This duo has given us a pleasantly under-produced album filled that will keep your ears entertained with '80s inspired goodness. Now who wants to hear some M and Gary Numan? Anyone?

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I'll Be Lovin You