New Children's CD Features Stuart Staples, Jarvis Cocker And More

A couple of my friends recently had kids and so I have been hearing a lot about the latest cool kid thing to own, and must haves to help further develop their offsprings' brains. I don't have children, but I have to admit that if I did one of my top priorities would be instilling the difference between good and bad music. Luckily with the help of a few indie rockers, this will one day be possible.

Stuart Staples and Dave Boulter of Tindersticks fame have come up with a new childhood themed compilation that will feature Jarvis Cocker, Bonnie Prince Billy, Kurt Wagner, Suzanne Osborne, Robert Foster and Stuart Murdoch (Belle & Sebastian). Titled Songs For The Young At Heart, the new album was inspired by memories from Boulter's and Staples' childhoods and will include songs and stories.

This would be an awesome gift for new parents, or anyone that is just young at heart. Too bad it doesn't come out until February 23 of next year.

Songs For The Young At Heart:

01. "Theme For The Young At Heart"
02. "Uncle Sigmund's Clockwork Storybook" (sung by Robert Foster)
03. "Florence's Sad Song" (sung by Stuart Murdoch)
04. "White Horses" (sung by Cerys Matthews)
05. "The Lion And Albert" (told by Jarvis Cocker)
06. "Robinson Crusoe"
07. "Hushabye Mountain" (sung by Stuart Staples)
08. "Morningtown Ride" (sung by Suzanne Osborne)
09. "Inch Worm" (sung by Kurt Wagner)
10. "Mary, Mungo And Midge"
11. "The Three Sneezes" (told by Martin Wallace)
12. "Puff The Magic Dragon" (sung by Bonnie Prince Billy And Red)
13. "Hey, Don't You Cry" (sung by Stuart Staples)

New Children's CD Features Stuart Staples, Jarvis Cocker And More