Download - The Earlies "No Love In Your Heart"

The Earlies are gearing up for the release of their sophomore album for Secretly Canadian, The Enemy Chorus, on January 23. The band claims that this time they are coming from a darker place, and at times the new album's production is reminiscent of Nigel Godrich's, with rich layered atmospheres.

Sounds cool, but the best way to check it out is by listening and deciding for yourself. To whet your appetite, download the track below for free.

"No Love In Your Heart" MP3
The Enemy Chorus:

01. "No Love in Your Heart"
02. "Burn the Liars"
03. "Enemy Chorus"
04. "The Ground We Walk On"
05. "Bad is as Bad Does"
06. "Gone for the Most Part"
07. "Foundation and Earth"
08. "Little Trooper"
09. "Broken Chain"
10. "When the Wind Blows"
11. "Breaking Point"

The Earlies

Download - The Earlies "No Love In Your Heart"