Super Rare Velvet Underground Acetate For Sale Again

Remember that unbelievably rare Velvet Underground acetate that we mentioned a couple of weeks back? It was finally sold for a whopping $155K, or so we thought. It turns out that the winner bidder was simply a douchebag with not nearly enough money to pay for this piece of rock & roll memorabilia.

The owner of the acetate is Warren Hill, who happened to find this unbelievable Velvet Underground artifact actually found it at a NYC street sale, costing him only seventy-five cents. There is no doubt that Hill will make a damn impressive profit off of this sale, which his now back up once again on eBay. To protect himself from another wanker bidding and not paying up, he is accepting pre-approved bidders only. This means you have to email Hill to be placed on the pre-approved bidder/buyer list. Can you blame him?

If you have some mad cash just waiting to be spent, this Velvet Underground acetate could be yours! Click here to go directly to the eBay auction. Good luck!

Velvet Underground

Super Rare Velvet Underground Acetate For Sale Again