Nigel Godrich's Music Program Launches Online

Uber-producer Nigel Godrich's new online music program, From The Basement, has officially kicked off with its debut episode. As we previously mentioned, the show features two new Radiohead songs, "Videotape" and "Down Is The New Up." Rather than give us a taste of the tunes with the full band like they did during their US tour this year, we get stripped down versions with Thom Yorke and a piano.

On the show's website, Yorke's mini-set was described as "his most captivating and intimate solo performance to date." From the sample clips that are available for viewing, they do look and sound awesome. The only drag is that rather than allowing us to purchase the whole show for one price, we have to buy each song one by one on iTunes for a whopping two bucks a pop.

There was more to the debut episode than Yorke, as the White Stripes blazed through plugged-in versions of "Blue Orchid," "Red Rain" and "Ugly As I Seem." Four Tet's Kieran Hebden also teamed up with drummer Steve Reid to perform an improvisational piece titled "Mom's Marmalade." Unfortunately, this track is not up for purchase on iTunes.

From The Basement

Nigel Godrich's Music Program Launches Online