Interview - The Fields' Nick Peill

Tripwire music blog chart reporter and all around pal of the site Something Glorious posted a great interview with one of our new favorite bands, Fields. Check out the first part of the story below, then jet over to Something Glorious for the full Q&A session.

Let the race for big British buzz band of 2007 begin. With the release of a hugely popular seven-song EP titled 7 From the Village, London's Fields have already taken a big lead. After nearly giving up on the music industry, founder Nick Peill met up with Icelandic singer Thorunn Antonia. Following a few months of hanging out, drinking in pubs and general carousing, the duo rounded out a band with Henry Spenner, Matty Derham and Jamie Putnam and something clicked. Instead of saying fuck it, the fivesome decided to fast-track themselves to a gig, which lead to them pressing 1000 copies of a single, which got played on the radio which eventually sold out in two hours.

Not bad for almost walking away.

This sparked a frenzy, but it's a fire that's being contained. Why? Fields don't want it to get out of control. Instead they want people to organically discover their music. And speaking of the music, it's virtually unable to peg Fields into a genre; they come to the game with a smattering of influences. From Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine and the shoegazing bands of the '90s to '60s psychedelic pop and '70s folk rock, the music is accessible, energetic, gorgeous, intense and, dare I say, fun-loving. For even the biggest music snob, Fields is hard to dislike. And while their music comes across on the softer side, the band recently held their own on a pan-European tour for MTV2 with hard rockers Wolfmother and Forward Russia.

Fields is currently working on a full-length album with producer Michael Beinhorn (Korn, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and will likely release that CD in 2007. Look for the band during their first-ever US tour, which will include stops at SXSW.

Click here for the full Something Glorious Q&A session.


Interview - The Fields' Nick Peill