Paper Crown King

This particular album caught me totally off guard. Seafood is one of those bands that I followed in the late '90s and then sort of forgot about. When their latest album, Paper Crown King, landed on my desk I was quite a bit surprised that they were still together. I'm quite pleased to hear that they are still making great music that hasn't changed all that much from their original sound.

If the new album's vocals sound just a bit mellower than their previous efforts, it is for good reason. Frontman David Line recorded the album after recovering from a collapsed lung that required multiple surgeries to fix. You can't blame the guy for not wanting to scream, as his lung was super glued to his chest! While the vocal angst has calmed quite a bit, the emotion and depth of the music has remained strong and captivating.

The album begins with "I Will Talk," a rocker in the vein of Queens Of The Stone Age. Blazing guitars explode during the chorus, as Line wails "I just want you to realize what's going on." It is a killer way to kick off the record, which is followed by the anthemic "Signal Sparks." If they needed to pick a single, this one would be it. For music fans that long for the guitar-driven indie rock from a decade ago, you'll be very pleased with this one.

The male/female vocals of Line and Caroline Banks fit perfectly with the screeching guitars on "Last Outpost." Banks returns on the album's closer, "How You Gonna Live Without Me," a song that is almost a Britpop throwback to the days of Echobelly. The boisterous guitars are pulled back, making way for her delicate voice and some slick saxophone jams. It is a great way to wrap up this outstanding album.

Congratulations are in order for Seafood, who have just crossed the ten year mark in their career. Although it is a shame that health issues got in the way of launching them into the categories of success like that of Muse and Snow Patrol, this album should very well put them back on the map. Seafood is definitely a band to watch for 2007.

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