Bon Savants' Frontman Loses Apartment In Fire

Our good friends the Bon Savants are bringing in the New Year with a bit of a bummer. Last Thursday frontman Thom Moran returned to his loft to find out that his neighbor's apartment had caught on fire. Although nobody was injured, Thom's home is no more, as is his personal recording equipment.

Thom told us: "Last Thursday a bedroom in our neighbor's loft caught on fire, apparently from a box fan. The fire ate up a few of their walls, and in the ensuing smoky mess the firefighters had to break out all the windows in our studio area, break down the wall between our places, and sprayed down everything very thoroughly. The end result is pretty significant water and smoke damage, and the building is currently unoccupiable (new word!). As fate would have it, the past few weeks I'd been demoing out a bunch of new songs, so pretty much all my recording equipment was in that studio space at the time, meaning it breathed a lot of smoke and drank a lot of water. The jury is still out on how much survived."

As if that wasn't bad enough, Thom's effort to salvage what was left of his equipment turned out to do more damage than good. He continued: "In an expletive-worthy insult to injury epilogue, on Monday I went back to grab a few things and discovered that the roof was now leaking severely, with the biggest torrent of a leak dropping directly on, no shit, all the recording equipment I'd moved into my room to dry out and keep safe from the elements."

If you happen to be in the Boston area, head over to Great Scott next Tuesday, January 9 for a performance by the now homeless Thom Moran. Go buy the guy a drink and if you haven't already, buy yourself a copy of Bon Savants' brilliant debut album Post Rock Defends The Nation.

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Bon Savants' Frontman Loses Apartment In Fire