Live - The Tripwire Presented The View @ Mercury Lounge | NYC

It must be good to be young, Scottish and in a great up-and-coming band. This is exactly what newcomers The View have going for them. Our UK correspondent Danny Wirtz got the opportunity to see them perform in London last month, and now it was our turn. We were thrilled to present the band's first ever US performance, which took place last night at NYC's Mercury Lounge. Their short but strong thirty-minute performance gave music fans a taste of what all the fuss has been about.

My first observation was how freakin' young these kids are. Their average age is a whopping eighteen years old, yet they have the chops, confidence and the swagger of a well-seasoned rock band. The View took the stage at 7:30pm sharp, blazing through material from their upcoming debut LP, Hats Off To The Buskers. Frontman Kyle's face is somewhat hidden by his mop of curly hair, immediately taking control of the stage with just a hint of UK cockiness.

For many in the crowd, it was their first time to hear The View's tunes, and it sure didn't take long for a few to join in the fun by pumping their fists in the air along to such great songs such as "Superstar Tradesman" and "Comin' Down." The View definitely has their share of potential hits, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit for "Same Jeans" to explode here in the US. Tunes like that make me understand why they were picked up by James Endeacott's new record label, 1965 Records. You know, the dude that signed The Strokes and The Libertines.

A few favorites of the night included "Skag Trendy," a spastic number that sounds like a punkier version of another UK favorite of mine, Brakes. "The Don" was another memorable highlight, switching from a ska beat to a straight-ahead rocker throughout the jam. These kids definitely put on a fun show, and you may easily find yourself pumping your fists along with the crowd. Anthemic tunes like "Wastelands" and "Wasted Little DJs" are proof that The View is going to make some pretty big waves in '07.

We happen to have a few tickets left for tonight's NYC show at the Mercury Lounge, as well as at LA's Viper Room on January 5. Click here for your chance to win a pair of tickets.

The View

Live - The Tripwire Presented The View @ Mercury Lounge | NYC