Mike Myers To Play Keith Moon

Mike Myers has decided to give the bad outfits and corny language some rest for a while in order to take on a new acting challenge. It was announced today that the Canadian has been named the actor that will play Keith Moon, the infamous drummer from The Who, in an upcoming film titled See Me Feel Me (Keith Moon Naked For Pleasure).

Myers was handpicked by The Who's Roger Daltrey to play the part and according to Gigwise, the film's co-producer Nigel Sinclair said, "Roger's dream was to have Mike as the creative force to pull the project together."

We're kinda at a loss for words with this one. While the film is slated to come out in 2009, we are hoping that it is more like Control, and doesn't end up being something like this.
See Me Feel Me (Keith Moon Naked For Pleasure)

Mike Myers To Play Keith Moon