Video - Brett Anderson's Fifth In YouTube Series

In the fifth edition we find Brett Anderson performing "Back To You," a song that he co-wrote with Fred Ball of Pleasure fame. Supposedly this track will be on Pleasure's new album that is slated to come out early this year.

For those of you thinking about Brett's new album, Brett posted some details about it in a post on his website. See what he said below the video...

"Back To You":

hello people... well 2007's wintery claws are already scratching at our throats so I thought it was high time i came on here and told you about the when, the where and the what for this year. The why you will have to figure out for yourselves. Ok. Straight to business....

the single Love Is Dead will be released on 12th March on Drowned in Sound in the UK and V2 worldwide. Although the exact formatting is something I can't be bothered to bother you with I can tell you that b-sides include songs called Clowns, Mother Night, We Can Be Anyone and Elegant. For anyone who's interested, I played all the guitars on the b-sides so if you you're a fan of cack-handed, naive noodling then I guess they will be right up your alley.

The album 'Brett Anderson' will be released on 26th March on the same labels. There will be 11 tracks including Scorpio Rising, Song For My Father and Love Is Dead. Exact track listing to follow soon, well you don't want all your sweets at once do you? Before the inevitable cries of 'why isn't Back To You on the album' I will tell you the story. When I first started working with Fred in 2004 the intention was to write for his new Pleasure record. Then we wrote Love Is Dead and a handful of other gems and I got greedy and said I wanted to make a solo album with these songs. Making the album was a hugely enjoyable experience but inevitably, like anything worthwhile, fucking hard work and at the end of it I thought the least I could do was to offer this song to Fred for his record. Actually that's not completely true. I did spend a period on my knees begging him to let me have it but then realized I was behaving like a 10 year old and decided to capitulate to grace. You will be able to hear the properly recorded song on his album, which is out in February I think. Because it is on the Pleasure album it is recorded and arranged as a Pleasure song. If I ever re-record it I will do it in my own style, which is how I intend to play it live. We will be performing Back to You (the Pleasure version) live on a Norwegian TV show in January so keep your eyes peeled all you Vikings.

i will be doing my first show in Moscow on February 24th. This came about after I got involved with a lovely bunch of Russian filmmakers who wanted to use Scorpio Rising in a film called Paragraf 78. They flew my entourage and me to their beautiful city recently; which was extraordinary. Apart from the insane traffic I can't recommend it enough. However, for anyone who doesn't live in Russia I will be playing 3 consecutive nights at a London venue on March 5th, 6th and 7th. Again, details to follow. So clear your diaries and book your holidays...rehearsals have been sounding a bit special so a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

I gather that most of you have been enjoying my little You Tube series. I thought it would be a fun and original way to debut new material without giving the game away. I've really enjoyed doing it and have learned a lot about myself as a musician in the process. I guess the day you stop learning is the day you should give up. They are intended as scruffy little sketches of songs, tattered little offerings to usher you into my creative headspace. It's even made me think about doing a whole album in that style but maybe I'll save that for the next one. Anyway, look out for the very last in the series on Monday. Oh, and before you ask, no, the Linda Perry cover will not be appearing on the album.

Well, that's all I have for you for now. It's new years day and I'm going to drive to my studio and carry on working on a brand new song, which I'm very excited about. Between you and me, the next record looks to be shaping up as a kind of concept album about religion. You think I'm joking.

Love and poisonXXX

Brett Anderson

Video - Brett Anderson's Fifth In YouTube Series