Video - Charlotte Hatherley "Behave"

You might remember Charlotte Hatherley as the former guitar hottie in Ash. Her sophomore solo album, The Deep Blue, will be coming out this March on her very own label, Little Sister Records. The single "Behave" was also released via digital EP last month, and the video for it is mighty awesome.

So what is the video about? Hatherley explained the concept on her website, where she said: "The fella in the vid is based on Mr Bowie (as if you hadn't guessed) on the front cover of Low, and he plays a charismatic leader/hero in an Orwellian future. I play a super eager hot-shot pilot desperate to impress the object of my desire, who unfortunately is well out my league.......Just like the Dame. Loving the grope, how filthy."


Charlotte Hatherley

Video - Charlotte Hatherley "Behave"