Arcade Fire Album Info Is Here!

The tears of sadness from the countless Arcade Fire fans who were unable to get tickets to their upcoming NYC shows (which sold out in mere seconds) have been replaced by tears of joy this morning. The band posted a bizarre informercial over the weekend on YouTube, which contained the tracklisting for their upcoming album, Neon Bible. Merge Records is releasing the record on March 6 in the US. Although we still have to wait three months to get our hands on the album, clips from Arcade Fire's new songs can be heard in the infomercial clip posted below.

Neon Bible
01. "Black Mirror"
02. "Keep The Car Running"
03. "Neon Bible"
04. "Intervention"
05. "Black Wave / Bad Vibrations"
06. "Oceans Of Noise"
07. "The Well And The Lighthouse"
08. "(Antichrist Television Blues)"
09. "Windowsill"
10. "No Cars Go"
11. "My Body Is A Cage"

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire Album Info Is Here!