Apple Unveils The New iPhone

Yesterday afternoon Apple just solidified their status as pure freaking geniuses, sealed their stranglehold on the handheld media player market, and took a giant step towards cornering the market on PDAs/smart phones. That's right, the moment that countless tech nerds have been waiting for has finally arrived in the form of iPhone, the new do-it-all handheld device from Apple. We can go on and on about why it's amazing, but really, it'd be better to just click here and watch a "demo" of all of the iPhone's features for yourself. Seriously, if you haven't done this yet, do it now.

Here's some things of note that they don't mention on the Apple site.

a) The iPhone will be available in June 2007
b) Cingular has signed a multi-year deal to be the exclusive US carrier partner
c) 4GB model will retail for $499, 8GB will retail for $599 (both with a two year contract)

Apple Unveils The New iPhone