Kenna's New Album To Arrive In April

We have been talking about the upcoming sophomore album from Kenna for a little while now. His debut, New Sacred Cow, suffered from delay after delay for its release, so we are thrilled that his latest will actually see the light of day in a reasonable amount of time.

Silent Uproar got the scoop on the new record, Make Sure They See My Face, which apparently now has a release date set for sometime in April. Lets hope they stick to that. The Neptunes-produced album features the single "State Of Emotion (Out Of Control)," a track that is now available for purchase on iTunes and is also a part of Sony's current PSP ad campaign.

Hopefully more information and the tracklisting will appear online before long. If you missed out on Kenna's last album, check out the video for "Hell Bent" to see what he is all about.


Kenna's New Album To Arrive In April