Rough Trade Signs Licensing Deal With World's Fair

Many of us have been wondering what exactly was going to happen with Rough Trade's releases in North America. The label originally was being licensed under Sanctuary Records, but financial problems made the two part ways at the end of 2006. With Rough Trade being home to many great artists (hello Jarvis Cocker!), it was sad to see this situation happen. Luckily for all of us Rough Trade fanatics out there someone has come in to save the day.

In a report from Billboard, Rough Trade has officially become licensed to the World's Fair Label Group, home to Unfiltered, Bella Union, Def Jux, Echo, Jeepster, BBE, Fabric, PIAS and Great Society Records. Currently Caroline distributes all World's Fair releases, but Rough Trade's has not been set yet.

What we can tell you is that while no release dates have been made public yet, the first albums that will be pouring through the system are going to be from Jarvis Cocker, Brakes, British Sea Power and The Veils. 2007 is shaping up to be an awesome year.

World's Fair
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Rough Trade Signs Licensing Deal With World's Fair