Writers Block

If I was a betting man, I'd put some serious money on the impending success of Stockholm, Sweden's Peter Bjorn And John in 2007. Their song "Young Folks" has already been getting some serious airplay on tastemaker station KEXP, was the #5 single of 2006 according to Pitchfork, is getting major love in clubs across America and has even been featured on Grey's Anatomy... all this and their debut album, Writer's Block, isn't even available in the US yet! Clearly this band isn't quite as "under the radar" as a lot of our picks on Tripwire, but we figured they were worth mentioning in case, like me, you'd heard a lot about Peter Bjorn And John but didn't want to a) steal the album, or b) pay ridiculous import prices.

Thankfully, Writers Block will be released in the USA (with a six song bonus disc) on February 6 via newly formed imprint, Almost Gold Recordings (headed up by StarTime International owner Isaac Green and Arcade Fire & Bjork manager, Scott Rodger). Though "Young Folks" is clearly the best track on the album, the rest of the material is nothing to scoff at. Poppy without being annoying, classic without being derivative, and lo-fi without being distracting, songs like "Let's Call It Off," "Objects Of My Affection," and "Up Against The Wall," are stand out tracks in their own right.

Band namesakes Peter, Bjorn And John, who produced the album themselves and played all the instruments, seem to have an endless supply of infectious melodies and catchy hooks, all of which have translated into an album of timeless music with a universal appeal. This one is a must have.

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Writers Block