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January 12, 2007

Last week we told you to check your inbox for YACHT, but in case you didn't, Jona (the yogi pictured above) was nice enough to send us a bounty of tour-related eye candy and answer a few questions. After the jump, enjoy video from the Tijuana tour stop, interview harlarity and a link to a Mexican no-wave band in need of a name.

What are we seeing in this video?

I try to make a movie for every day and every city on tour, but sometimes I get backed up because so much shit is happening. I was just on tour with a band from Brooklyn called High Places, Bobby Birdman, my girlfriend Claire, and Steve from States Rights Records, and we headed down to Tijuana for a show. I'd only played in Tijuana once before, and it was really weird. The morning we were heading out Bobby Birdman got a call from a friend telling us that we might not want to go down there. Apparently, the Tijuana police are being investigated by the Mexican government, who have taken away all their weapons and set up random checkpoints all around the city to check cars for drugs.

And the photos?
These are all the photos we took on tour.

This is a new no-wave band of teenagers we met in Mexico that needs a name! You can comment with your band name ideas.

When we went to see you, we were dazzled by your choreography. Who are what inspires your movements?

Woah, thanks! I've been training with a Lebanese choreographer that teaches under the name "D.A.Z.Z.L.E." for 16 -- wow, yeah, it's been THAT long! -- years now. Movement is my muse, straight up. His style has been described as a mixture of dark yoga, Southwestern body painting, and Shen Wei dance art.

Were those all new songs you played on tour? When can we expect the next YACHT album?

Yeah! All new songs! This tour was my first time playing a lot of these songs. It was super rad how people were reacting to them. I have a new album called I Believe In You. Your Magic Is Real. coming out in May. Maybe May 1st, MAYDAY. I'm really stoked about it.

Why do you think there isn't more music like yours that's influenced by rock, rap and electronic without being goofy about it?

This shit is hard to pull off.

Are you planning on anymore touring?

Yes, for sure. I literally love touring more than anything else in the world, ever. It bums me out that it takes killing the world to do it, but I'm trying to figure out how to make less of an environmental impact. Maybe I'll tour on a hoverboard or lease a Prius. I'm planning to tour the entire US in the spring, Europe in the summer, and the US again in the fall. Then next year. Then the year after that. Etc.

Posted: January 12, 2007
Donkey Show